★ Review ☆Careless, by Cleo Peitsche


“She knew what he wanted. For her to beg.’Please wont you handcuff me and make me come over and over?”

This is a great little story, and I mean little as it’s only a 54 page eBook which is why even though I loved this story, I only gave it a 3.5.

It gets right to the point with little back story, however, I feel I need to give Cleo credit, she has managed to give you little inside snippets into each character during the sex -which let’s face it, is what 90% of the book is about. 

Kimberly and Samuel, best friends who are inseparable, do everything together and who both happen to be head over heels for each other. 

Sounds simple, right?  Not so much with these two.

Samuel makes it clear that he is bisexual, but only shows an interest in men, giving Kimberly the impression that he is 100% gay but just isn’t ready to come out and say it.

Kimberly has come to terms with knowing that they will never be more than best friends but is constantly getting herself hurt by Samuel’s continuous flirting then backtracking back into wanting men. 

Which is where Nelson comes in. The billionaire who has returned home, helping his sister with becoming a yoga instructor after being forced from his company. Nelson doesn’t do monogamous relationships, he is only interested in couples and thinks he has finally found what he is looking for in Kimberly and Samuel, so proposes a one time only threesome.

Samuel is a little reluctant, scared of losing Kimberly after all is said and done, while Kimberly is eager to have Samuel, even if only for one night.

As I said, things move fast and the majority of the book is one big sex scene. 

Ms. Peitsche paints a very vivid and very delicious scene with a lot of dominance, beautiful MM and MMF and a little BDSM that leaves you begging for more. 

I will be certainly adding the next in the series, Hopeless to my TBR list, it is a must to find out where things headed after such a promising night.

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