★ Review ☆ A Good Day by D.L. McCleary

Two things intrigued me with the blurb military and BDSM.
This is my first military and certainly will not be my last.
Deuce is your typically military man a leader, respected by his man and always in control.  Who doesn’t love a man like this.
While on a mission he is wounded and recovers in Germany with the love of his life Isabel.
Their lives are about to change, after being honorably discharged he now has a new position running a black op and he’s richer than shite.
Upon returning home this is where lives becomes interesting.  His love has become a submissive I found  this disturbing her one mission is life is to please her man, husband and now master.  I was waiting for him to be not  okay with the change in his wife it never came.  Could be the amazing sex that he is now enjoying.  The sex has gone from amazing to
Mind blowing, panties wetting, M/M/F and BSDM.
He’s intrigued with this world and a bit worried the wife not going to handle  it very well but she has taken to the new lifestyle like fish to water.
This is a great read but like a whore, I want more.

The next book has piqued my interest even more.  I love Deuce and look forward to him gaining skills in the BDSM lifestyle.


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