★ Review ☆ All I Want for Christmas by Kate Givans

Kate delivers once again with this sweet novella that shows you that family isn’t always blood. Family is who pulls you up when you’re at your lowest and gives you the opportunity to spread your wings.

Cooking, cleaning, school, working and taking care of her mother is all 16 year old Reyna knows. That is until the state steps in and places her with a foster family.

Reyna doesn’t want to be with the Millers, she wants to go home to her mother. It doesn’t help her that they are a lot like the Brady bunch. All activities, outings and meals are done together. Family is extremely important to the Millers and they are always extending.

One moment, that’s all it took around the new kid, Neil, for Reyna’s mind about her new family to start changing.

Neil was her rock, as much her savior as the Millers. Happiness, hope and sure enough, first love developed real fast between these two.

But Reyna knows enough about life to know it isn’t always a fairy tale, not everyone gets the boy and lives happily ever after. Sometimes, the boy breaks your heart and then disappears for years without a single trace before storming back in to save you before you even knew you needed it.

All I Want for Christmas is not your typical cookie-cutter holiday romance.

Yes, it has love, hope and its own HEA. But this story is more than just that. It shows hardship, loyalty, betrayal, growth, love, forgiveness and of course, second chances.

Seriously, this is a Must read.

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