★ Review ☆ Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan


by Tijan


This is my first read of Tijan and I was excited.  I love step bro stories, they are one of my fave taboo to read.  Then you call it Anti and you have got my attention.

I did find it a little hard in the beginning to get into the flow of the story I felt it was all over the place.  The Kevin and Maggie situation to me was strange why two boys are fighting over this girl who is cheating on them both I just couldn’t deal. Then when her and her boyfriend Marcus breaks up and she dates Kevin then he breaks up with her and she’s heartbroken.  Once a cheater always a cheater. So obviously I dislike Kevin and Maggie. Summer naivety was annoying sometimes but I do understand because she is a young girl whose crush slept with her and kept her keen and on a hook with no intention of ever committing to her and she stupidly follows him to college thinking they would be together.

My fave scene is when Summer wised up to her step bro Kevin deception and tells him off and finally realizes he’s just a selfish prick who only thinks about himself.

Thankfully Caden is nothing like Kevin hence the Anti step brother, he is a mystery and you do want to know his story.  He’s wonderful for Summer and when he stood up for her it made me swoon.  When she said no one has ever done that for her before it made me like him more. She’s an awesome character, it’s not often a female character kills me, her random idiocy was hilarious and even Caden liked it.

So to summarize even though I did find it slow to get into I ended up loving this story due to Summer and Caden incredible chemistry.  I’m hoping Diego gets a story he’s interesting and I want yo know more about him. I thought Avery and Marcus story would be interesting as well. Just putting it out there.

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