★ Review ☆ Author Anonymous by E.K. Blair

Author Anonymous: A True Story by [Blair, E.K.]


Author Anonymous
by E.K. Blair

Knowing this story was true fascinated me, it takes a lot of balls to release your story knowing with the sensitive subject you can’t pretty it up, you can only go by how the events unfolded. I thought I was going to be judgmental reading this but I didn’t hate her or have any anger towards her. I just felt complete sadness for her husband.

My heart goes out to him I hope he never read this book or finds out it’s out there. To love someone the way he did and have them make you feel less than would be devastating. My heart completely broke for him.

I’m sure AA wished she could take back some of her choices. I feel Alec was more of a drug, a fix, an addiction I don’t feel that she loved him, more like wanted him. Alec didn’t give a shit about her, he was a selfish asshat who was in it for the thrill and chase.

My only wish during this story was why couldn’t she be honest. She fell in love or lust and that’s fine people fall in and out of love all the time but it was the constant lying to her husband he deserved better than that. It would be so hard to forgive her for her actions.

I found this story compelling and addictive. EK Blair did an amazing job. To AA, I hope you find your HEA and become the wife your husband deserves.

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