★ Review ☆ Bindings by Kate Roth


Holy mother of all things perfect! 
I’m not sure how to deal with this one. My heart hurts and my eyes are all puffy and all  I want to do is go stalk Kate and beg for more! 

Sloane is strong, witty and yes, bratty. She knows in her heart what she needs and wants, and she knows that is Leo. 
Leo . . . .  sweet, Dominant, caring Leo. This man has you kneeling and handing over your heart before you even realize whats happening and let me tell you right now, grab some tissues, chocolate and a snuggle buddy for this one. You’re going to need it. 

Sloane moves to a small town looking for a fresh start after being dicked about for the last 3 years by a married man who never had any intention on leaving his wife for her dispute all his bullshit promises. She finds her safe haven in a book store. Calloway books is where she goes almost daily to write her novel. The one she has been writing to help regain some control in her life. 

When Sloane walked into Calloway’s like every other day she never expected Leo. Part owner of the book store is all Dominant and is instantly drawn to the submissive in her. Only Sloane doesn’t know that’s what she is.

“I’m sure there’s a suitable punishment for you, Sloane.”

And with that one word, Punishment, Sloane’s eyes are opened up to a whole new world. One she assumes is just some kinky fun. 
But Leo wants more than just some fun. He wants to Know her, wants to make her his number #1 while bringing down her walls that she has erected. 

As these two grow Sloane’s realization of her love for Leo sets her free of her insecurities and nightmares left behind from her ex. But darkness isn’t ready to her go just yet and rears its ugly head leaving Leo pulling back with a major secret that can tear their world apart!

And that left me screaming at the kindle, then insanely begging it to fix my heart like a crazy person! 
Be prepared to be completely wrecked. Bindings leaves you a crying mess with a shattered heart. And that’s not just for Sloane. I am so invested in these two that I just *Need to know what happens next after that huge cliffhanger.

It’s no secret that I love my Doms, especially Sadistic Doms. But after being in the lifestyle for over 10 years its a real pain in the ass to read some of these books. Either they are assholes and abusers dressed up with the Dom/Domme title and a weak woman who is more a doormat then anything. Or its just a bunch of kinky sex, nothing more. That is Not the case with this one. 

Move over Sloane, there is room for both of us in Leo’s heart . . . . and bed wink emoticon 

#UglyCryAhead #HurtingHeart #SoInLove #LeoIsMine 



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