★ Review ☆ Block, Social Media #3 by JA Huss


So, we are half way through the Social Media Serial and WOW!This book has so much depth and growth, and some heart wrenching moments too. Like sneakily wipe the tears before they roll down your face.

You get to see the man behind Vaughn Asher the cocky, asshole Movie Star. The vulnerable and sweet man who literally would risk every cent he has, everything he is for just a chance at normal with someone special , and let me tell you, if you didn’t already Flove Vaughn, you will in Block!

oh and to clear it up, the “someone special” I’m talking about is Me, lil maso, aka Mrs Vaughn Asher, nice to meet ya haha

Like left us with soaked panties and high hopes when these two finally seemed to be getting somewhere. Block is about to turn everything upside down!

“I won’t fuck you Grace,” I say, bringing my wet finger to her lips. She opens and sucks, her tongue doing a little dance against my skin, heightening my already raging desire. I’m so fuckin hard for her. “But I’ll make like to you.” Her eyes open and she looks at me, still sucking my finger. “should I do that, sweets?”

Vaughn can’t stop thinking about Grace, there’s something different about this girl. He wants to know everything, wants her with him, he also wants to protect her from the spotlight that being with him brings. When things start to feel a little off for Vaughn, he does what he thinks is best for himself and for Grace, he distances himself from her.

“He’s gone. And what did I figure? That I’d be the girl to change him? That I’d be the girl he falls in love with? That I’d be the girl who could claims his heart, even though countless others have tried and failed? I’m an idiot. “

Grace was on cloud nine, her fantasy colliding with her reality, she has The Vaughn Asher, or so she thought. Two weeks of no contact after he cancelled a date is proving to be difficult for Grace, believing she isn’t meant to have that happily every after that everyone else gets, she decides it’s easier to forget everything then it is to risk her heart.

Life for Vaughn is no easy feat in the spotlight and not having Grace around is taking its toll on him, he wants normal, he wants a real life, more then he ever, he wants Grace. When shit hits the fan and his “Private” past comes back to bite him in the backside, Vaughn’s only thought is of Grace and how he isn’t willing to lose her, no matter the cost.

“I slip inside her and she moans, her fingernails digging into my shoulders as I fill her up. Her legs spread wide for me and I thrust up, gently at first, then her hips match my rhythm, pressing against me, asking for more. I give her everything she wants. I love her slowly. I take my time and whisper in her ear. “You’re so perfect,” I tell her. “You’re all I want,” I insist. “We don’t need the fairy tale when this is our reality.”

Can the cocky, sweet movie star win back the broken girl of his dreams, or will her fears of heartbreak ruin them?

To find out, grab BLOCK
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