★ Review ☆ Bought by the Billionaire: The Complete Series by Lili Valente


Bought by the Billionaire
The Complete Series
by Lili Valente 

Dark Domination
Hannah and Harley are twin sister so of course one has to be a troublemaker thy name is Harley. 
In a case of mistaken identity Harley’s boyfriend fucks Hannah thinking she’s Harley giving Hannah the best sex of her life.  She doesn’t quite get the amazing sex. 
Tragedy befalls Hannah when her twin sister is killed in a car accident.
Unfortunately Harley screwed over the wrong guy and he’s after revenge and it seems Hannah will be getting the punishment.
He’s a billionaire ex marine who wants revenge by destroying Harley (Hannah) as she had committed a betrayal.
Interesting plot but gets a bit headachy with the switching of the girls names.
I saw Jackson as a loser, really you’re revengeful because she cheated on you with your bestie, yes you get mad it’s a shit thing to happen but to get so distraught as to hurt someone.
He does make up for it with hot dominating sex.
Deep Domination
You find out in this instalment why he’s so vengeful.  He was in love with Harley and she screwed him over by falling for his bestie, they were on their way to be married when tragedy hits. A man he served with and had saved his life once or more times.
Desperate Domination
Seems revenge is the topic for this instalment.  Harley getting revenge for a family enemy.  She’s  very regrettable about her revengeful acts.
The twist and turns in this book will have you wanting more.
Divine Domination 
The conclusion 
Jackson is going to suffer again, his heart has been torn out again. 
More family Drama, more great twist and turns.  I spent most of this book thinking Jackson is an asshat but he shows his sweeter side to Hannah towards the end of this book. 
He isn’t one to forgive and forget and lucky for him he ends up with the right sister. There’s a very strange twist in this part which I hated as it was too much back and forth. Are they, aren’t they very frustrating. 
*ARC provided by the Author for an honest review*

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