★ Review ☆ Burnout by Sarah Castille #RidingDesire

 Burnout.79pg ebook


I love this story!


Again, really short, but No cliffhanger, YAY!


This is my first Sarah Castille experienced and it was certainly not a letdown. 
Sophie is a cop, she has transferred to Vancouver after the system failed to help her when her cheating ex-husband tried to kill her. 

Wanting a fresh start, she goes to a party held by her not-so-honest brother, where she meets the gorgeous Ace, Sergeant of arms for Rogue Riders’ MC.


After their Intense and quite hot encounter, Sophie plays it cool, until something goes wrong and her brother, Jason appoints Ace to make sure his sister gets home safely.


Sophie decided to grab life by the balls, so to speak, and invites Ace in, for her first one night stand.


Ace, the rough and ready biker, well known for his inability for more than a one night, has had a hard life. Bounced from foster home to foster home, Ace has never had anything stable in his life, nothing besides his bother’s in the MC.


When Sophie walks into the party he is drawn to her instantly, his hit jackpot, a gorgeous curvy girl with a smart mouth and who challenges him at every turn, that makes him want her even more, maybe for more than one night.


When Sophie’s brother goes missing and the police fail her yet again, Sophie turns to Ace and the MC to help find Jason.

Sophie’s set on one day at a time as things heat up between these two, while Ace makes it crystal clear, this is the one woman he wants to settle with. 

Action, excitement, hot dominant biker, gorgeous strong willed woman and some damn hot, and sometimes illegal sex, what more can we ask for?
The cop and the biker, how will this work? Grab it and find out, you won’t be disappointed. 

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