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I have decided after reading all four books separately to write my review for the bundle instead.

First and foremost I want to start out by saying that this series had a lot of potential but having said that this series fell flat for me.

We start this series off with Terissa, an attorney going to a fetish club with an office friend unbeknownst to her. While checking the club out Terissa finds herself in a dark room waiting for the unknown. A masked stranger enters the room and gives her instructions and against her basic instinct to not obey, because she is usually the one who calls the shots or gives orders, she complies with the man in the mask with the panty melting voice. After giving the man in the mask a blow job the man is called out to deal with an important matter, leaving her alone, satisfied with herself, and then contemplating why she did what she just did… Terissa leaves the club, is handed a burner phone and is told that the masked man will contact her. So the story goes on…… Upon returning to work the next day Terissa is given her first big assignment by one of the nation’s top dogs but little does she know that the assignment she is given is actually about trying to find the President of The United States guilty for murder.

This is where the story turns from a sexual encounter to more of a suspense. I in no way, shape or form see how this series is erotica let alone a romance, until the end of book four. The Submission wording in the title for me shouldn’t even be there and I will explain why.

For me submission is giving over all control. It is meeting the demands of your Sir, Master, Mistress or in Terissa’s case her Commander. But there was none of that, except when they first met at the fetish club. Literally half way through book two I almost marked this series as a DNF, but I pushed through. They only commanding things that Pierce did was send her text messages of where to be and what to wear. There was no sex in this series until half way thru the second book and it wasn’t up to par. “Oh. My. Fucking. God. I have a cock in me!”

I feel as though the author lost her way with Terissa during the second book because the strong headed woman that was in book one, was nowhere to be seen until the end of book two. It was like reading about a 15 year olds first sexual encounter. I found myself laughing and struggling to get past Terissa’s thoughts and descriptions, she literally spent the first half of book two restating what happened in book one and as I write this review I’m still shaking my head.

The Series as a whole for me is a One Star. I didn’t find this series to be Hot and Steamy as proclaimed in the blurb, there are zero submissive encounters unless you counter in their first encounter or the what to wear and be texts to the burner phone or calling him Commander….. and I can’t get past that. Before you light the pitch forks and want to hang my head I will say that I did however love the suspense that surrounded the President, the fucked-upness that is our society from the top dogs of and around the white house, and I loved Terissa’s friend Kellan. For me I wanted to know more about them. Both of these men exuded dominance capabilities but sigh we didn’t get much of it. In fact I highly doubt or would even trust that these men were in fact dominant, and I’d bet money that Kellan was more Dom than Peirce in a heartbeat if in fact he was.

If you love erotica or contemporary romance this isn’t for you. The blurb for me is misleading, so is the title and if I wouldn’t have tried to push through the entire set it would have been DNF. If you have your eyes on this series I would recommend buying the complete boxed set because there are literally no more than ten chapters in each of the books and only up to six in some.

As always “Carpe Librum”.


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I love dark, mysterious, and deviant. Powerful dominant alpha males with troubled pasts who find strong but unfulfilled submissive women. Both need to escape the “rules” of society (just like me… haha.) Together they make hot steamy delight and fill in each other’s damaged parts. This is me. This is what I write. Hope you like it.

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