★ Review ☆ Degrade by TL Smith


Title: Degrade
Author: T.L Smith

This is my first read from this author.
Holy fuck what a great read.  I breezed through this book it was that good, the two main characters are so well written that I couldn’t put this book down to go to bed.  I  got up in the middle night and thought I can read for 30 mins and when  i finally had to get up I read the rest of the book.  Love the two main characters Zeke and Bexley, Zeke your typically alpha wants what he wants when he wants it and has no problem letting Bexley knows and she matches him perfectly even got all possessive on him and told a girl to back off he’s mine.
Another characters I loved is Aria what a fiesty, ballsy girl she is badassery!!!
I did a happy dance when I saw she’s getting her own book.



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