★ Review ☆ Desertion: Knights Rebels #3 by River Savage

Jesus, Joseph, and doggy-style Mary.

I think I may be sliding to team Jesse! Or maybe I can just make my own team . . . Team #NixJesse? I still flove you Nix, I swear!

So, I’ve been in a serious book funk for awhile now. Nothing has been measuring up and to be honest, I’ve tossed book upon book to my DNF pile for the last week or so.

So when I got River’s messaged to let me know Jesse had landed on my kindle, while I was over anxious, I was kind of a little nervous. That didn’t stop me from digging into it at 1am like a kid in a candy store! I mean seriously people, its River motherfuckin’ Savage!

I’m not exactly sure why I was nervous. River is a phenomenal author who pours her heart and soul into every book and trust me, you can feel every emotion that woman writes. From the thigh-clenching highs, all the way down to the raw, heart – in – a – blender lows and everything in between. Desertion is no exception.

As you know, or maybe you don’t, this is book #3 in the Knights Rebels MC series and is about fire fighter turned Marine turned bad boy biker Jesse (my newest hubby) and his sexy as hell nurse Bell.

I’d say you could probably get away with reading this as a standalone, but why would you want to miss out on getting your #NixFix and #SyHigh? You wouldn’t, would you? Didn’t think so, links are below 😉

Firstly, I want to start with something that I just have to get off my chest because it’s been driving me freaking insane and well a good wifey defends her hubby, right? 😉

I have read this book Twice now and Jesse never cheats!

Yes, he is indeed a manwhore who will happily fuck a different woman every night with no guilt. And honestly, he shouldn’t feel guilty. The women Jesse beds knows the score, he is a one night man. He never cheats on Bell. End of.

As for him being abusive. Oh hell to the motherfuckin’ No.

To the verbal abuse, Yes Jesse can be . . . . brutal with his words at times. But tell me, what person hasn’t been? The lead up to Jesse’s melt down is a major thing, so I won’t go into deal on why or what was said, but should he have spoken to Bell that way? No, he shouldn’t have. When you get a damaged, insecure, guilt ridden man and mix him with fear and alcohol (not using alcohol as an excuse, but come on, loose lips and all that) messes happen.

To the physical abuse. . . . He is a Marine who has vivid nightmares. It’s not actually stated, but it is clear he has PTSD. No one can control their actions and reactions during a nightmare. No one! Jesse works his ass off to redeem himself. So instead of jumping down his Momma Bear’s/creator’s throat about his actions, just take a chill pill, be a grown up and remember, this is a BOOK, if you don’t like it, close it and move on!

Okay, on to Jesse before I get all caught up in the drama.

Jesse . . . . My beautiful broken man.

Jesse is a total player and he makes that known from the start.

With his quick wit and cheesy as hell pick up lines, you can’t help but laugh your ass off while falling head over heels for this hotter than hell, dirty taking biker who’s 100w smile would have a Nun questioning her calling 😉

But that’s just the tip of Jesse.

Jesse’s story is heart wrenching at times and I found my poor little heart breaking for him in many places. He has had a hard life, harder than most and it started at such a young age.

Having a strict, controlling, alcoholic father who makes it known he thinks he is a “screw up”, add that to his time served as a Marine and Jesse has been left pretty fucked up. He thinks he doesn’t deserve love, doesn’t deserve more than what he is getting now. So he finds comfort in masking his pain with his shocking humour, in his Knights Rebels family and between the legs of any and every available woman.

Until he meets #NurseBell.

She is shy, inexperienced, naive, and a damn bombshell of a woman. But don’t make the mistake of thinking she is weak, she is anything but.

After her sister Paige went missing, Bell’s world stopped. Her mother pulled the reins in, in an attempt to protect her and Bell followed along. Even when it become real unhealthy.

Just like Jesse, she is living only half a life. Work, home and occasionally out with her bestie Lissy, secretly of course, is all she does. She doesn’t date, doesn’t drink, doesn’t really socialize. She just exists.

The chemistry, banter, love with these two. . . . Insane!

Jesse wants one night with the sexy nurse who has got under his skin and has him breaking all his own rules. He doesn’t do friends, and he doesn’t chase. Well, he didn’t.

Bell doesn’t want to get mixed up with a man like Jesse, I mean despite sending her into a wanting frenzy the second he is near her and the sex appeal dripping from him, who really wants to be just a one night deal with the ultimate player when they are a “half” a virgin?

When Lissy tells her of the connections the MC have with helping abused women, Bell gets an idea that maybe Jesse can help her find her sister.

Jesse take this as his way “in” with her.

He never dreamed she could be the game changer, the one who could bring him his peace

She never thought that he could help her find herself in the process of finding her sister.

But has the manwhore of the Knights Rebels really handed his balls over to a woman, or are some demons too hard to let go of? Go find out!

In true River style, you will find yourself in a whirlwind of emotions. Desertion is about heartbreak, self forgiveness, acceptance, hope and of course, love.

Be ready for some annoyance, to laughing until you snort, cry not only sad tears but happy as well and heart wrenching sadness.

Let’s not forget, this is a River Savage novel, so you know her alpha’s and their women are going to get you all hot, bothered and trying to climb through the screen to happily take Bells place under Jesse.

Ok, so maybe that’s just be me trying to climb aboard Jesse lol what can I say, I proudly flove that man.

Now, onto the long wait to see which brother is up next . . . . Or Maybe Paige?

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Knights Rebels #3, Desertion;

Available July 14.

Amazon US / Amazon CA / Amazon AU / Amazon UK

B&N / Kobo / iBooks

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