★ Review ☆ Dex by Stephanie Witter

by Stephanie Witter

Harley has been hired by the band manager to help ‘Kinky Shine’ with their online presence, she owns the blog ‘One Track’.

Dex is the lead singer and on meeting Harley they get off to a rocky start.

It’s obviously he doesn’t want to do this meeting so you know he’s not going to be cooperative. He’s kinda a jerk and is rude to Harley.

This is a great intro to Dex.

Rockstar and blogger, she has a degree in mass communication and will be helping the boys with their social media presence. They are very reluctant and are not thrilled that she’s there. They are Rock Gods so they are used to doing what they want and when they want.

I liked this book,  it’s unheard of nowadays not to be on some sort of social media so I thought what an interesting way to introduce the two main characters.  It’s not a typically rockstar romance which I liked. 

The road to romance is not going to be easy  for them, he has trust issues and she thinks he an #asshat.  

Throughly enjoyed!!!

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