★ Review ☆ Dick: A Bad Boy Novel by R.C. Stephens

A Bad Boy Novel
by R.C. Stephens

This book starts with a bang very easy to get into and entices you to keep reading and that just the prologue.

Dixon is a dick his words not mine.  A divorced father of two, he fuck anything that breathe so he has built quite a rep as a player.

Being in a loveless marriage Eden is a bored young housewife who just wants her husband to pay just a little bit of attention to her. She’s beautiful and he only see her as a trophy wife.

Eden wants out of her loveless marriage her hubby is inattentive to her and their son and he berates her for acting like a whore even though he sleeps around.

Dixon becomes a great friend and is there for her during her separation he wants her but doesn’t want to want her, he has issue from his broken marriage.
You can feel the sexual chemistry between Dick and Eden and you hope they end up as a couple.

I loved this book I will admit the title lured me then the great blurb.  I’m glad it lived up to the story. It has it’s fair share of complications and drama you’re always keep entertained and wondering was going to happen next.

Great story highly recommend!!!

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