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Enrapture: Noah Series #1
by Pierce Smith

When Pierce contacted us to review this book, both Phyl and I loved the sound of it, but in true #BookWhore fashion, Phyl snatched it up like the #whore she is 😉
I ended up purchasing it myself as I Needed to read this one . . . . So keep scrolling after the first review, to get to Phyl’s <3

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DNF BooksI wanted to love this, Really I did. I mean come on, you’ve read the blurb, right?

Perhaps my standards are just too high from the past M/M books that I have read and loved, but sadly from the get go this one was a flop for me and I gave up after 45%.

I am almost sure that English is not the author’s first language, either that or this book just skipped a lot of editing, but so much of what I read just didn’t make sense or was just improper use of English. The story was confusing as hell and I found myself re-reading parts just to make sure I was understanding it, and most the time, I wasn’t.

There was far too much of Noah talking to his self and his cock as if he was talking to another person, seriously had me double checking to be sure he was still alone, not to mention 90% of what he said came across as a whiny, bratty teenage girl, instead of the grown man he is meant to be.

The exchange between Noah and Ethan is incredibly hard to follow and very immature, I was left doubling back to see who was actually saying what, which took all the enjoyment out of the story.

I know this is Pierce’s debut book, and he has an amazing storyline that had so much potential, I am sure that through editing and experience he will only get better.

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This begins with Noah talking to his dick, yes his dick, I didn’t know how to take it was strange the long convo he was having. He’s waiting on his BF to come home and take care of it. They try phone sex but to me it was just weird. Finally he’s home and

they go on and on with foreplay and I was wondering when they were actually going to get to the fucking.

The sexy banter was cringe worthy to read and their juvenile behaviour was unappealing, it bordered on ridiculous towards the end.

 Phyl Evie
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