★ Review ☆ Fast Connection: Cyberlove #2 by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

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Fast Connection
Cyberlove #2
by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

So I didn’t think I would ever abandon #TeamGarrett, I mean come on, Costigan was a straight up asshole in Strong Signal, but that guy is long gone in Fast Connection. Don’t get me wrong, you still see the cocky, hot-headed, bad tempered ass at times, but you finally get to see the lame joking, family orientated, insecure sweetheart of a man behind all of that.

The Costigan’s have never been able to communicate without screaming, sarcasm or cussing at each other, and after 8 years in service, things have got even worse.

After being honorably discharged from the Army at 27 years old, this should be the start of living for Dominic, instead, he is right back where he was when he was 18 years old, arguing with his father, indecisive of his future and in the basement of his parents home, helping out in the financial-sinking family deli. The only difference is now he doesn’t really know where he fits. The Army has changed the man he once was, he wants more for himself and more for his sister, who is coping the brunt of everything.

Wanting to find himself a man and explore more of his bisexuality, Dominic hits up Grindr for a no-strings-attached hookup, that is until he spots silver-fox, Luke.

Luke is also ex-Military, after being forced out of the army after being caught with another man, this divorced bisexual father of twin teens has a permanent scowl on his face. After the huge ordeal with an ex-boyfriend, Luke now has rules. No relationship, no repeat hookups, and sex are always to be kept separate from his life. Everything in need little boxes.

But one time with StaffStg isn’t enough and Luke finds himself breaking all his own rules just to have some more time with the annoying, cocky, and goofy man who has got under his skin and made him do something he hasn’t done in a long time, smile.

These two are perfect together, the chemistry in and out of the bedroom is insane. Luke understands what Dominic is dealing with and does everything he can to try helping him make choices about his future. But everything is on Luke’s terms. Dominic wants more than just casual sex. He wants dates, late night chats, cuddles, and a partner who actually cares about him and when Luke lets his guard down, the more he thinks Luke could be the one his future is with.

But when all the boxes start to blend together and Dominic’s sister, Adriana and Luke’s son, Micha decide to run away to a convention for Fallen World Online to see Kai and Garrett (Yes guys, we get some Garrett!), Luke blames everything on Dominic’s family, bringing back the stone-faced Staff Sergeant Costigan.

How the hell can you come back from a monumental fuck up like that?
Thankfully not easily!
For Dominic, family is everything, even if his is a complete mess.
He knows he needs to make a life that He can be proud of before he can think of anything with his Silver-Fox. Thankfully his silver fox has a few heartwarming tricks up his sleeve 😉

This book has it all and comes across so . . . . Real.
The passion, insecurity, angst and of course, love is done so perfectly that you feel every emotion as if it was You living it. Let’s not forget the hilarious banter, dirty messages and off the charts hotness in the bedroom (and elsewhere) between these two.
Not only do Dominic, Luke capture your heart, but even the kids pull at your heartstrings.

I have a feeling Garvy’s story may be up next, but I just really want more of Dominic! #CostiganAllTheWayBaby!

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