★ Review ☆ For The First Time: Anthology

Overall, This would have to be a 4 Kinky Heel Anthology.
I Really wanted to give this more, like really wanted to because there are some exceptional reads.

For the First Time is Huge! seriously, 21 stories for some of the best there is. But as always, with the good comes the bad, and sadly this one has a fare few bad and down right “wtf did i just read” ones that leave you wondering what they were thinking (if they were thinking) and sending your bestie messages that often including a lot of “argh!” moments and my new fav emoji
There was misused words, cheesy as fuck lines, misunderstood body parts, seriously check the video attached to Saucy’s review about the hymen and be very grateful I didn’t get into graphic details on the hymen myself lol  and then it felt like some where just trying to cram a full novel into a 30 page short story, which let me tell you, does Not work.

Now that’s not saying that this is a total bust. There are some VERY amazing stories in here that I can’t wait to get more of and have become a stalker err . . . . I mean fan of.

All in all, its 99c! and even with the bad, the good is seriously worth way much more so, If you haven’t already, Go grab this baby while you can!

Amazon: US | UK | AU | CA


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Alessandra Torre – Sole


So I should probably mention that you should read Hollywood Dirt
before this one, something I didn’t do and as a result while finding
it intriguing enough to want to read Alessandra’s novel to meet these
two, I also found it a tad boring because I don’t know anything about
this couple.

In saying that, it was a hot little read. If you’ve read Hollywood
Dirt, I am sure you will love this.


Kim Karr – Begging for more


The only begging I was doing, was begging it would end faster.

If this wasn’t 35ish pages, I seriously would have marked it DNF at 5%
in. It just seriously isn’t for me for many reasons.

Let’s start with misused words. Words like Alpha, dominating,
sadistic, masochistic were thrown around Very lightly. I seen not one
of those qualities shown in this novella.

James is a typical rich kid who gets what he wants. He has a semi
dirty mouth and has no problems articulating what he would like. Does
that make him any of the above? No, it doesn’t.

Lindsey . . . . I’m not even sure what to make of her.
She meets a man, a handful of words exchanged and then BAM! Orgasm on
the dance floor.
No seriously, she came on the dance floor. To a complete stranger that
she hasn’t said more then 20 words to. Alrighty then.

The sex? Hmm I think I missed it. But it must have been good because
by morning,

I’ve read and not really liked unrealistic Insta-love’s in the past, but this took it to a whole new level.
All in all, for me this was a waste of time reading.
Oh and playing with belly buttons is so not sexy, just saying.
Now moving on.

Skye Warren – Heartbreak


 I really liked this one and need to know more! #TotallyOneClicked!

Hannah has had it tough. Being bounced around in the foster system she
know all too well how it works. You use whatever you can to survive.
Including your body.
So when the new boy arrives with a dangerous and deadly reputation of
murder, Hannah decides she wants him to protect her. In exchange, she
will do as he wants.
Blue isn’t looking for trouble, he knows one strike and he’s out. But
when he see’s Hannah being harassed, he makes a promise to keep her
safe. At all costs.
Sparks fly between these two super fast and before you know it, they
are addicted to one another. But when Blue can’t let go of his rage,
Hannah is forced to do something terrible to save him from himself.Ok, so there are a few things that I’ve come to learn as being in
accurate from this story when it comes to the living conditions in
foster hime, but besides that, I really loved this story.
Seriously, I #OneClicked the shit out of the rest of Blue and Hannah’s
story, you should too.
Better When It Hurts (5 years later) Amazon: US | UK | AU | CA

Sarah Castille – Naughty Wishes


Well hello there Dan!

When you are together a long time, things are bound to change. It’s almost expected.

Dan and Kylie have been together 15 years. Over that time a lot has changed.
The once dominating, possessive Dan has become distant, more gentle.
Kylie, once wide and free is now more reserved. More aware and less embracing of her extra curves.

Life happened. Two Kids, a house, a dog, work. Comfort. It’s caused a
shift between them.

When Kylie’s 35th birthday rolls around she expects the same as every
other year from Dan. Nothing. As she slides into bed with her husband,
as far as possible from each other, he giver her the surprise she
never knew she needed . . . .


Dan is scared he’s losing his wife and proposes a three-some with none
other then the towns sexiest dentist, Aiden. Hoping to give her the
fantasy she’s wanted since they met, will bring her back to him.

After some begging, Kylie agree’s and gets thrown through a whirl wind
of emotions. As things heat up and get more intense something clicks
with them both, their eyes finally open to how far they have drifted.
But will this be enough to save their marriage and bring them closer then ever?

You will need to read it for yourself. You really won’t be disappointed 😉


Alexa Riley – His First and Only

No way!

I’m not actually sure how to review this because I’m not entirely sure what I read.

Tiffany and Ethan are childhood lovers that had planed their life together, their house, kids, every little detail. Ethan was her protector from the world, especially her father who often tried getting his way sexually with her. Then one fateful night, that were torn apart.

Ethan promised he’d come for her but Tiffany couldn’t wait, she knew what her father was capable of. So she ran . . . . Ethan never stopped looking.

15 years of searching is ended when he accidentally stumbles upon
Tiffany. Their reunion is anything but hearts and flowers. It’s instant sex and possession.
Are you sure this is Alexa Riley? Names weren’t mixed up or something?
I’ve read a few of Alexa’s books, namely her Forced Submission series.
And let me tell you, those are fucking melt-the-panties-right- off-you kind of hot!

The complete opposite to this one sadly.

I spent almost the entire time checking how much longer I had and hoping that it picked up. It didn’t. From cheesy lines to over the top instant orgasms, this has it all, and that’s not a good thing. For me this was a huge bummer because I’d been so excited to read something from Alexa.

O’well, on to the next one.

Julia Sykes – Decadent Knights

 overload copy
Woah! Where have you been hiding Julia Sykes?!
*rushes over to Amazon (Knight) . . . . #OneClick*

Okay, I’m right now.

Lydia’s past is brutal and at times she’s still a prisoner within herself, even after being saved by her new Master, Smith. Lydia was held against her will. Tortured, manipulated, tormented and scared, physically and mentally at the hands of her captor and his mentor.

But that’s in her past, Smith has made sure that neither of those men can harm her again. Sadly, some demons are harder to kill. Lydia find comfort and release in her submission to Smith, so when he fastens her collar around her neck at Decadent, the BDSM club, her  body instantly relaxes.

That it until she realises her Master has something up his sleeve.
Trying to show her that she hold the power and the rights to choose what happens with her body and to show her how desirable she really is despite the scars left on her body, Smith decides to invite another Master along as a surprise.
Tall, blonde haired, blue eyed, wall of intimating muscles, also known as Dex.
Knowing her Master will never harm her or let anyone else, Lydia needs to make the choice, live with her captors screwing with her mind or take back control of her life.

Let me start with saying BDSM books are a dime a dozen. And a lot of them are so generic that they are a bore. I can promise you, this is not one of those!

I devoured this one in no time and was left needing to know more.

Ok, I need to resist the pull to jump right into reading Knight and
move on with the Anthology.

Debra Presley –

A Lake George Christmas 

Awe this was sweet. While extremely predictable, I still found this to be a sweet read.

Abbey is use to everyone taking advantage of her. From a young ages,
everyone on her life has using her for her fame and fortune. She never
expected to find someone like Danny.
Danny has been protecting Abbey for 2 years, working as her personal
security and helping her through some rough times.What starts as a friendship quickly escalates to a relationship and
before you know it they are sharing their first Christmas together
where Danny has a big Christmas surprise for her.
As I said above, super predictable but the story was beautifully written.

So much so that I think I just might grab “Finding Us: A Nucci Securities Novel #1“.


Nina Lane – Advent

 2KHDean and Liv . . . . Ok, so the story wasn’t bad. It was just really flat for me.

Liv has fallen for the professor and things haven’t been so easy on them. To start with, his family don’t like her and in a few months Dean will no longer be in Madison.

Liv has numbered their days and against her better judgment has agreed to spend two weeks with him before he flies off to Paris for the remainder of the holidays.

In a spontaneous moment, Dean ask Liv to go to Paris with him, which  opens a flood gate of everything Liv is afraid of with their relationship.

Dean knows what he wants and is willing to wait however long I takes to make her see that she’s all he wants, regardless of the distance.

But what does Liv truly want?

As I said, not bad but it was just . . . . Blah for me.


Tamsen Parker –

Looking for a Complication

Forgetting her phone in a rush to get to work, Kinsey does the one thing she’s been worried about since moving to Boston. Dooring someone.

After knocking Astrid off her bike and ruining her pants, Kinsey insists on taking her up to her apartment and getting her cleaned up and lending her some pants.

Kinsey has always has an attraction to woman, she’s just never acted upon it.

Until Astrid walked out of the bathroom. Now it’s all she can think of.

Astrid should have been pissed at being knocked down, but one look at Kinsey and the offer to help her washed it all away. She’s been with enough woman to know though that nothing comes from lusting after straight women. That doesn’t stop all her thought going right to Kinsey.

Return her jeans, that’s all Astrid has to do. But one look at Kinsey and the pull between them is too much to ignore and she finds herself in a dark ally

after a few drinks with a Very eager submissive Kins on her hands . . . .

I wanted to love it, really I did. I wanted a hot, steamy sexy F/F read but it just didn’t do it for me.

I absolutely hate that the author has referred to the other as “the other girl” instead of using their name. Example; “She’d noticed the way the other girl pressed her thighs”  and it wasn’t just once or twice, it was a fair few times. #Annoying.

The sex was alright, nothing to write home about, but the ally . . . . Hot damn!


Cynthia Sax – Test Driving the Billionaire


Speed freaks and #CarWhore get ready for a hot ride. . . .

Cassie, aka Wrench is head over heels in love with her need for speed billionaire boss, Drift. She has loved him for the last 3 years and spends every moment possible with him.

Even with their easy going friendship and flirting, no-holds-bars relationship, she knows she isn’t the blonde model type of woman that he is attracted to. Add in the fact that she’s a virgin and she’s positive she never will be want he wants.

Drift like his life and sex the same. Hard and fast. But he’s been keeping some feeling to himself when it comes to Cassie. Waiting for the time that she will be ready.

After an exhilarating test drive where Drift pushes the limits of a limited edition Lamborghini and equally pushes Cassie with his flirting, he casually states that she need to ‘dispose of an unwanted asset’ and he is the man to help her.

Flustered but ready for any contact with Drift, Cassie is more then eager to “dispose” of her virginity, knowing this will be a one time thing where she may end up broken hearted and jobless.

Turns out, Cassie was wrong, Drift has more then just a disposal on his mine and won’t take no for an answer.

Alright, let me say right now, if you are not a #CarWhore like me, you more than likely will not like this one. It is filled with cheesy but dirty car talk throughout the entire story that will most certainly leave you a little hot under your bonnet 😉


Jen Frederick – Delay the Game


Lisle and Wyatt have been friends forever and that’s the same amount of time Lisle has been saying she never wants to get married and settle down.

Now at the age of 27, both are still single and as much as Lisle wants nothing more then forever with Wyatt, she doesn’t think there’s a chance. After all, they’ve been in the friend zone since they were 8 years old and Wyatt has never appeared interested like that.

They have become near inseparable, they work together, plan holidays today, watch sports together and even live across from each other. But Lisle is ready for a change. She is over being lonely and wants her HEA.

If she can’t have Wyatt, then she will make changes to attract someone.

New hair, eyebrows, makeup, wardrobe and the talk of moving away is all it takes for Wyatt to flip out with jealousy over the idea of her with anyone other then him. The fear of losing her all together pushes him to admit how he’s always felt.

Now Lisle needs to make a choice, let fear rule her or open up and tell him that’s she’s loved him  all along?

Awww this was a sweet story. It would have been really good to have had a full story of these two.  There was a few real cheesy as fuck lines but meh but it is what it is.

Overall a pretty good story 🙂

Lynda Chance – Her First Choice


Lynda, Lynda, Lynda . . . . Why just a short story? I need more Tyler!

Tyler. Panty-wetting, Harley riding, dangerously sexy Tyler is looking to get laid. But so far no one at the club is holding his interest. They are either looking to settle down, something he won’t do, or a “been there, done that” kind of bore.

Ready to throw on the towel on his night he checks out the club one more time while two woman, he’s already had, continue to try and get his attention. That’s when he sees her.

He knows who she is, after giving her a heart attack a few years earlier when he rode up on his Harley and  graphically told her what he’d like to do with her.

Whitney is on the prowl for some revenge. After being fucked over by her loser ex, she wants to find herself a hot guy to make her forget all about him. After scanning the club and finding no one she really wants, her eyes finally land on Tyler Copeland. The intimidating, yet sexy as fuck man that she’s fantasised about all these years.

The instant their eyes connect the desire, want. The primal lust is bursting at the seams. It doesn’t take long to realise that while she is terrified at his intimating size and vibe he puts put, that she wants him just as bad as he wants her.

Admitting defeat at seeing the two women at his side, she decided to look else where. But Tyler’s not having that. She is His, and he will make sure she, along with everyone else knows that.

Argh! I want more! The “I hope you enjoyed this short story!” At the end of the story has me laughing. Of course we Love the story Lynda, you just need to make it a full length now! *pretty please.*

Cynthia Rayne – Sympathy for the Devil

 overload copy

YES! Now this is freaking amazing!

As it turns out, Dolly knew next to nothing about the man she married.

Clayton not only had a nasty habit of mental abuse, drinking and cheating, but also worked for the Mafia. The night he laid his hands on her, she knew she needed to get and her son out of there

Three weeks she has been hiding out on a tiny apartment when she gets a knock on the door from Beauregard, her husbands “associate”, also fellow member of the Mafia.

Freaked out and ready to defend herself and her son, she reluctantly lets him in after some convincing that he’s not here to harm her or her son.

Things heat up real fast after relief washes over her at the news and what better way to show her gratitude then by a quick meaningless fuck?

Oh my lord! Cynthia, you seriously need to continue this story.

This is perfect! There is just enough to leave you begging for more.

#INeedMore #FuckinHot #BeauregardAndHisSuit #OnlyNeedYourCockOut #TheyNeedHEA #BeauregardIsMineSaucy #MineMineMine #IDontShare #DidIMentionsMine

CJ Roberts – Trailer Park Eden

overload copy
Ok . . . . I’m dumbfounded.

Seriously, if you are still reading this review, Stop! Go and buy this
anthology. You need it!

Parker and Kylee. I don’t even know where to start.
If you have a problem with twincest, don’t read this one. I’d hate for
this to get a bad rep just because it’s not your thing.

They say twins do everything together growing up, but for these twins
it’s a little different.
Born with disadvantages, their mother left them with their disabled
father who drunk far too much and often forgot to pay the bills or
even get food for them.

You see, Parker is deaf, she is his ears. Kylee is blind, he is her
eyes. They are perfectly paired.

Parker is fiercely protective over his twin sister and learned early
on that they could only rely on each other. He will do whatever it
takes to keep her safe. Including turning tricks to keep her clothed
and fed and the water on.

Kylee doesn’t like that one bit. Parker is Hers and she will make sure
he knows it.

Ok, Gimmi More CJ!!!!


Nikki Sloane – It Takes Two

Nina needs money, fast, easy money that she can’t make at a typical 9 to 5 job.
What better way then a sex film.
So after a few months of working up the courage here she is, at the front desk of the building when Scott walks in setting her nervous through the the roof.
Before she knows it, her first time in the sex film Industry isn’t your average one-on-one. No, it’s with two equally hot men. Scott, a pro at what he does and Ben a first time who has had some “performance issues” in the past, that’s all behind him now.
While Nina is attracted to both  men, there is a certain draw to Scott. While dominating the scene, he is  continuously making sure Nina is alright. Reassuring her, being tender yet still showing he was in control of everything that was happening and then that kiss . . . .
*Fans face* This was good. Well more then good, it was fucking hot!
So after checking out the Blindfold Club series, I’m disappointed.
I wanted some more Nina and Scott *Insert pouty face*
Anywho, You could tell early on that there was something there with Scott.
Here’s hoping Nikki gives us some more.

Pam Godwin – Heart of Eve


Alright, I’m wrapping this review real short because in all honesty, I’ve no clue what the hell I just read.
Roark is a priest in a world where humans are turning into mutant aphid creatures and all women are dead. All women besides Evie.
Evie turns up in Roarks life and he vows to protect her from not just the creatures, but for the men who would harm and use her. Little did he know he would be jumping right into temptation having her living underground with him.
As the weeks drag on Roark realises he can’t be trust with her as his hands start wondering her sleeping body. As he begs God for the strength to resist the temptation and a sign on what to do, God answers on the form of a ladybird . . . .
Ok yep you lost me! I’ve got nothing. Like seriously Nothing at all.

So, like a bad accident, I’m going to just move on and hope for better.


Nina Levine – Steal My Breath


Callie is going through a 3 month dry spell when she decides to take matters into her own hands and try to find a man worthy of dating via online dating sites, and having zero luck.

She would love nothing more then a romp around the sheets with her best friends boss, Luke, but knows she’s got no chance, besides in her dreams. And dream she does about his amazing ass, perfectly sculpted body and eyes she could get lost in for day.

Callie has a way of pushing Luke’s buttons, but none of the right one.  Getting under each other’s skin is what they do and within minutes of being together they are both left frustrated and aggravated.

When Luke insists on driving Callie him from his bar he has a hard time hiding how much he wants her. He knows he can’t do anything with her, yet finds his lips pressed hard against her. All too quickly Callie is standing there alone in her apartment not understanding what happened.

You see, the problem is Luke is holding a major secret . . . .

So, after soooo much pushing from a very dear friend of mine to read Nina, I finally popped my cherry! Boy am I glad I did!

I love this! There was enough of a story to get me invested with the characters and leave me needing more. Thankfully Nina is releasing their Full story early this year!

Make sure you are signed up to Nina’s newsletter so you can find out when the Full story of this is released!


Shoshanna Evers –

Rapunzel’s First Knight

This . . . . Started extremely slow and well honest,y, never really picked up.

There really is nothing more to say other then It’s your typical Rapunzel story.

Kidnapped and held captive in a tower by the witch until a brave Knight comes along to save her in order to get her hand in marriage.

I am guess there is more to this story as it ended before the story was actually over, but I don’t think I’ll be looking for it.

Anna Zaires – Swept Away


Greece, Third Century BC and Delia is hiding out in a small cave above the beach to protect herself from the bad weather when she spots him. Coming out of the violent waves is a very naked and very gorgeous man that Delia is convinced is Poseidon,
God of the sea.

Arus is not the Greek God, he is from the galaxy Krinan exploring earth. When he see Delia in danger from the storm, he instantly jumps to save her.

First fearful of what the stranger will do with her, Delia tries to struggle and get back home, but as time passes she realises that he means her no harm. In fact the more she pays attention she realises that he not only friendly, but extremely turned on having her squirming in his arms.

What’s sex like with a man from another galaxy who likes to drink your bloody thus giving you the same endorphin like rush? Grab the anthology and find out!

 I did not expect to like this one. Firstly, it’s not really something I would have willingly went and picked up. And secondly, it started out real slow and . . . . Strange.

Then Bam! Awesomeness happened!
Seriously, I think you guys will be pleasantly surprised with this one.Don’t forget, you can grab the first full length novel of The Krinar Chronicles for Free during the duration of this anthology.
#1, Close Liaisons – Amazon: US | UK | AU | CA

Avery Aster – Unique


Holy Fudge Cakes! As always, Avery doesn’t disappoint!

I’ve been dying for more about the good girl Kiki and here she is, all
in her virginal glory and with the sex-God fiancé, Dejon to boot.

It starts with the present day, Kiki tied up after being shot and
kidnapped then back peddles to tell you how this all came about.

Dejon has never been one to say no to his twin brother Dash, so when
he demands Dejon help him steal 3 blood diamonds and return them to
Africa, at his late fathers dying wish, he agrees.

Things are going pretty smooth for Dejon too. Two gems down and only one to go.
That is until he learns Kiki will be running the event where final
diamond will be.

This is a damn tease, I will admit, the second I got this anthology, I
skipped right to Avery and dug in. In true Avery style, this story
gets hot and heavy, especially when Big Daddy and Red make an
appearance 😉

This leave you with more questions then answers and definitely leaves
you hanging for the full story!



Jenika Snow – Owned


Rose’s main focus in life is taking care of her ill brother. This has left her with not much of a social life and left her with financial issues.

She doesn’t know how she is going to financially keep herself afloat until she receives an invitation to an exclusive and specific auction.

Jaxson has everything he will ever need, including more money then he could ever spend.
He can have any woman he desires, but he doesn’t have is a woman who doesn’t want his money.

Knowing he can help Rose plus himself in the process, he anonymously sends her details for a auction where she can make more money then she ever imagined.

All she has to sell is her virginity.

When she is delivered to her highest bidder, Rose is taken back to see her boss on the other side of the door. Shocked and excited are just a few emotions that rocket through her as their night progresses and Jaxson lets her know that she is His, and he wants more then just one night.

Alrighty, This story was fucking HOT!
I wanted to give this a higher rating but I just couldn’t for a few reasons.
Firstly, there’s some editing issues that drove me crazy. Misspelt words/ incorrect words or repeated words have popped up just a few too many for me.

And secondly, Virgin Blood is Not fucking sexy in any light, said in any way by any hot hunky alpha billionaire!

Other then that, I loved the story!

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