★ Review ☆ Forbidden: A Standalone by CD Reiss


Title: Forbidden: A Standalone
Contains: All 3 Songs of Perdition books, Kick, Use and Break
by CD Reiss


Has she lost her mind? What can’t she remember? 
This book keeps you on your toes.  Keeps you wanting more.  

It’s erotically charge and has hot fuck scenes.
There’s also plenty of sexy dialogue between the Elliot and Fiona and Deacon and Fiona.

I loved this book it’s very provocative, sexy and drama filled. Fiona has an interesting life which she makes no apologies for, I love that about her if you’re going to put yourself out there own it.  

Deacon and Elliot are two different types of men as she finds out maybe one is more suited to her than the other.  

If you’re after a hot pet sesh read this books for you.

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