★ Review ☆ Forever Starts Tonight, A Loving on the Edge Novella by Roni Loren

When I read Melt into you, I was praying Roni would come back and give us all some more from these three. In My opinion, Melt into You is Roni’s #1 book, I mean, come on, Jace, need I say more?

There isn’t a lot I can say without giving away a ton of spoilers. But let’s give it a try.

Jace, Andre and Evan are settling into their busy lives, too busy in fact and the guys notice how run down and exhausted Ev is.

Jace takes it upon himself to setup the prefect week long getaway at Grant’s kinky cabin in the mountains, a surprise that is sure to relax and satisfy the three of them.

Turns out there is more than one surprise to be had during the week.

And that’s not the only surprise to come from these three.

There are secrets, insecurities,  and a lot of love between these short pages.

With an ex fiancé making an appearance, the future is questioned. The secrets are surfacing and as a Family, these three are determined to work through anything life throws their way.

He groaned. “Fuck, bella, you’re soaked.”

She tilted her head back, the sensation of his fingers against her so damn welcome. “I’ve been watching two hot guys get dirty with each other in the shower. What the hell else would I be?” 

Jace chuckled as he lubed up his own cock, preparing himself, the wet sound obscene in the best way possible. “See. She wants to watch you get fucked, Dre. She loves it, and we’ve been denying her this. Tell her you’re sorry.”

Role playing, fake kidnapping, forced orgasms on a plane, and a hell of a lot of sexy Jace and Andre action makes for one hot read.

The ending? WOAH!

While I seen it coming, I was shocked to say the least that Roni went there.

A PERFECT ending for such an amazing story.

Now we just need some more from Foster *hint hint Roni* 😉

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