★ Review ☆ Hanky Spanky: Erotically Bound #2 by Francesca Hawley


Hanky Spanky
Erotically Bound #2
by Francesca Hawley

If you’re looking for a hot sexy read, this will do it for you.
Karen looking for great sex after being broken up by her douche ex she’s interact with a Dom Sir Lars over the webcam, he has seen her face but she hadn’t seen his.  She’s ready for a physical interaction. Turns out he’s an old friend from high school that’s she use to crush on.

After finding out who he really is she’s embrassed thinking he’s been playing her for a fool.  But he’s not he seriously crushed on her in high school too. He wants her to submit. She’s ready for anything he wants. After giving her a list of things she not allowed to do, she breaks them. She disobeyed him and now he’s dragging out her punishment with very hot BSDM sexy scenes.
Andy (Sir Lars) is so sweet to Karen, she gets the best of both world, sweetness and dominance.
I liked this story Karen and Andy are very sweet together add in their hot sexy scenes and you have a great read. Sweet for the girl who like romance, hot and heavy for the girls who like it rough.


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