★ Review ☆ Hansel, part 1 by Ella James

Ok, so let’s just start by saying this is my first Ella James experience and DAMN!

What a kinky, twisted mind this woman has, I think I’m developing a bit of a girl crush (again lol)

This book gives you past and present, giving you a look at what happened to shape the people Leah (Gretel) and Lucas (Hansel) are today.

Ten years ago ….

Leah, the gorgeous blond hair, blue eyed beauty, who’s life was near perfect. Great parents, amazing sisters, she was enjoying being a teen, having fun with friends and being carefree. That’s until Mother Goose ripped her from the world she knew, changed her name and left her alone in her new room in The House.

But she wasn’t truly alone, Mother Goose has been filling up every other room, collecting characters to try and make her storybook house complete. And next to her room housed her “Brother,” Hansel.

Hansel has been in The House for too many years to remember, he’s been listening to Gretel cry continuously for days, and needed a way to connect with her, need to make her feel at ease with him. But he has his own demons.

Mother Goose only lets him out of his room while everyone else is kept locked up, but when he returns he’s more withdrawn than the time before, until he comes back to Gretel, with blood stained hands.

They are free.

Present day ….

The Enchanted Forest, that’s where Leah has been dragged by her sister, Lana, who is getting married and wants one last hoorah at a bdsm sex club before she gets married.

Leah is unsure of all this, after all it is exactly like she saw in The House, but even as her anxiety peeks, she follows along until she is facing the stage, until she was facing Her Hansel.

Hansel, who goes by few names, is looking for his next private submissive, but he is very selective.

Natural blond hair, blue eyes, 5’1 – 5’5, wide hips and a nice plump ass. No exceptions.

While he may be trying to forget his time at The House, he is certainly trying to keep His Gretel fresh in his mind by recreating her in every submissive that comes his way.

Leah wants him, craves him and it’s clear to her that he still thinks of her, after all, his stage was her room, the blond was Her. When she sees an opening as his submissive, she has to try …

Ooo… Dying to know what happens next!

My only issue would be, Leah, Lana, Laura, Lucas, Leda, Luna …. There’s so many other names out there where they didn’t all have to be L’s.

Oh and “lasdjlkdfjl” and “alksjdfd”…. What the fuck?

If you don’t like cliffys, I suggest grabbing book 2 before you start 😉

Hansel #1 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #2 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #3 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #4 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks

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