★ Review ☆ Hansel, part 2 by Ella James

Woah…. This is Hansel’s story.
Ok, so Hansel #1 left us with some major questions, some are answered in Hansel #2, but this one also leaves you with even More questions.
The book jumps between past and present for Hansel, and then switches POV continuously, I’ve seen a few have a problem with this, personally, I think Ella has done a great job with it and isn’t confusing in the least.
I’m over my issue with all the L’s, once you get them figured out, its no longer a problem. However, I now have a new problem. Hansel, Edger, Lucas. Hopefully he sticks with one name only, for now, I’ll stick with calling him Hansel 🙂
Hansel is one tormented man, you can feel the anguish flow from every page, yes I cried a little.
His childhood, all the way up until his time with Mother Goose is heartbreaking, and sadly, it seems like his crap luck didn’t change after freeing himself from The House.
Leah has mopped about long enough after being sent away by Hansel, and realizes that its time she leaves Las Vegas, well after one night out drinking, something to get her through the night until she can leave Las Vegas and Hansel behind.
Fate, doesn’t want that to happen…
Hansel is a wreck after realizing he has just sent Leah away, it pushes him over the edge and sends him on a drinking bender that leads him to a charity fight at a hotel, one that Leah just happens to end up in.
Fights, drinks and loose tongues makes up for a very interesting and revealing night for Leah. While she takes him home and tends to his wounds, Hansel in his drunken state lets a few things slip, things that make her run.
But when she is invited back by Hansel, can Leah give him the pain he has grown to need, or will she successed in showing him that there are other ways, that he is also not only capable of love, but that he deserves it?
What does the future hold for the man who cant bring himself to speak of his past, and the woman who wont quit trying to get him to open up? What the heck did Mother Goose do to Hansel?
 Only book #3 will tell!
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