★ Review ☆ Hard Rules: Dirty Money #1 by Lisa Renee Jones


Hard Rules
A Dirty Money Novel 
By Lisa Renee Jones

Wall Street meets Sons of Anarchy, I’m expected corruption, manipulation,

dirty dealing, hot alpha males, steamy sex.

I liked Shane and Emily and was interested in how their relationships would evolve but there’s a fine line between alpha and asshat and I think Shane is bordering on it, I couldn’t decide if I liked him or not.

I wanted to like this story because of the comparison to Sons one of my favorite shows, it has a charming alpha male who you pretty much swoon over I didn’t get that from Shane.  For me, the first book needs to set the tone for the rest of the series what’s going to compel me to what to read the next book.

This was an okay read for me and the next book needs to blow me away if I’m to continue the series.

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