★ Review ☆ Hearts & Daggers: Anthology

Hearts & Daggers: Anthology 
Kimberly Blalock, Cassia Brightmore, Skye Callahan, heather Dahlgren,Ella Emerson, Danielle Jamie, Courtney Shockey, A.M. Willard 

Great set of reads if you love this genre, don’t hesitate dive right in.
You know you’re in for a hell of a ride when you’re captivated by the first paragraphs.  Lots of unexpected twist or expected if you know these ladies’s work.

Cassia is the only one I know in this anthology.
I am a fan of Cassia work so I know what to expect, well sort of because you never know with her. Mind fuck is her forte and specialty.  She will takes you on a trip, you will hate her, scream at her then you calm yourself and end up forgiving her.

Hot cover by the way as well
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