★ Review ☆ Home, Social Media #6 by JA Huss

5 billion #MrAndMrsAsherForever Stars!

Woah, so the series is over, and damn what a ride! I have laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee myself, ugly cried until I looked like a frog and had me swooning for the pair of them.

I can not express how much I Love this series and Vaughn and Grace. I’m seriously at a loss of what to say about this one, it really is that damn perfect!

JA, you are a #FuckinGenuis! I F’love your guts!

Grace is home with Vaughn, but not the strong willed Grace. With all that has happened to her, she has shut down, the depression has dug its claws in and won’t let up.

Vaughn…. Sigh, Perfect Vaughn thinks he is doing the right thing, he gives her the space and time she needs to heal, which pushes her further into the depression, something has to give.

After a careless move on Graces behalf, things finally come to a head with her and Vaughn, and she is left with a choice to make about their future….

“I own you punishments, sweets. And I’m here to collect. So if you want me to stop—if you want this relationship… this marriage… this everything… to stop— just say the word, babe. And we’ll call it good and move on.”

you want to know what happens? Go grab the book. You will not be disappointed.


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