★ Review ☆ I’ll Be Your Drill, Solider by Crystal Rose


3.5 Kinky Heels Hot M/M 

I’ll Be Your Drill, Solider
by Crystal Rose

Firstly, I will admit I am one who does kind of judge a book by its cover. I mean sometimes you just can’t help it, right? I know I would Never have picked this one up if it was for someone recommending it to me, so don’t let the title and cover dictate if you read this story.

I really wanted to flove the hell out of this, but I found that the story kind of just went every which way and I found myself feeling way too overwhelmed at points due to being told Everyone’s actions and reactions to pretty much everything, I think if the author was to polish this up a little and stick to this just being Phillip and Ryan’s story, then this would have been an epic story.

The first half is during basic training where Ryan meets Drill Sergeant Phillip Grabowski, I assumed this would have been overly hot, flirty and hardcore, especially with Phillip being so off limits, but the whole first half was more about Ryan making friends, complaining about being hot on the asshole Drill Sergeant. Everything else just . . . . flatlined right up until just before basic training was over.

The chemistry with Ryan and Phillip is so damn hot and raw, I would have loved to have seen more of that early on.

The second half takes place 5 years later and boy does things get confusing. It is told from so many different peoples POV that sometimes it does get a little hard to follow. Not to mention this is where too many other stories come into play. While I love hearing about side characters, I don’t want the taking away from the main characters.
I loved the email scenes while the boys were on deployment, I just think the could have been executed a little better so it was clear as to who everyone was emailing.

Sadly, I did feel a little cheated by the end when so many important things were skipped over to make room for things that I didn’t find really needed to be in the story.

Now, that’s not to say that it was crap. I mean, come on, I gave it 3.5 stars in the end because there was so much awesomeness, rawness, and potential. Just there were too much of everyone else’s stories in this story. Oh, and get ready for a lot of Military acronyms and abbreviation.

I would love to see where book 2 would have gone but after some intense research (Ok, stalking 😉 ) I have found the author has been MIA for awhile now, which is kind of sad.

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