★ Review ☆ Incandescent, Knights Rebels MC #1 by River Savage

“Tell me, Kadence, if I stuck my hand down these tight-as-sin jeans,” his finger trails along the tops of my pants, “and touched your pussy, would you be wet for me?”

Kadence Turner is finally putting her life back together after a brutal incident that has left her scarred, both physically and emotionally, cause by her ex-fiancé. 

Believing that her nightmare is over, she picks up the pieces, moves on with her life, and takes her dream job, a position as a school teacher.

Her life is back on track, until the father of one of her students walks in the door, this sassy, give as good as she gets woman is floored. Desire takes over.

No man has ever instilled lust and anger just by looking at me. His presence screams confidence and testosterone, right down to the way he ran his eyes over me.

Nix, a.k.a Phoenix Knight. The sweet, possessive, alpha and sexy-as-sin President of the Knights Rebels MC has worked hard at becoming the man he is today. Wanting a better life for himself, his brothers and his son, Zayden aka Z, he fights to give the Knights Rebels a make-over. Bringing the MC out of the illegal dealings from his father’s time reigning, Nix keeps his nose, and the clubs out of trouble, giving it more of a family vibe.
Then his ex-wife springs a parent teacher meeting on him. He walks in with pure annoyance at being there…. until his eyes land on Kadence.

 There’s this air of innocence about her, but at the same time, I know this woman could destroy me.

Kadence isn’t ready to admit her attraction to Nix and does everything she can to convince herself that she needs to stay away from him. Nix, doesn’t take no for an answer, having her running through his mind since the moment laying eyes on the woman who sasses and challenges him at every turn, he will not give up until he has her.

Kadence give in to her desires, letting her vagina take over with their crazy banter, his dirty mouth, and the electric attraction. Once night can’t hurt, right? 

A spark ignites with every kiss and every touch, his words fueling the flame further. I can see myself catching fire, burning incandescently for him.

Nix slowly brings down the walls she has placed around herself, and Kadence let him in, showing him her insecurities. He knows he has never felt this way with anyone and is willing to wait as long as it takes for Kadence to realize she feels the same way.  

Like all MC, danger is never far from sight, with rivals and the past reaching its ugly hand out to reek havoc and Z acting out and withdrawing, it threatens to push Nix and Kadence to their breaking point. 

“You still falling in lust, Kadence? Or are you willing to admit you already fell?”

Are these two strong enough rise above and find their HEA?

Grab the book and find out, you will not be disappointed. 

I love a good alpha biker story, but let’s face it, so many sound the same these days, just with a different name. Thankfully that’s not the case with River Savage’s first book in her Knights Rebels MC stand alone series, I can not wait to hear more from this series and hopefully some updates on Nix and Kadence, cause let’s face it, Nix has forced his way into my top 5 book boyfriend list <3

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