★ Review ☆ Inftuation: The Knights Rebels MC #4 by River Savage ~Evie~

Title: Inftuation
Series: The Knights Rebels MC #4
Author: River Savage

Release Date:
October 20th
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I found this story hard to read as the domestic violence wasn’t sugar coated
I struggle to read as i was feeling the victim pain.
Beau’s a great Knights rebels the fact that he is my man Nix best friends speak very highly of him.
Kenzie and Beau are a great rebel coupling.  The Knights seemed to be paired with the women that will make them want to be better men. They have now officially joined the ‘where you do stupid shit for pussy’ club.
Another great story from River, have missed my knights and look forward to Brook and Kelly story.

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Knights Rebels #4, Infatuation

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