★ Review ☆ Inftuation: The Knights Rebels MC #4 by River Savage

Title: Inftuation
Series: The Knights Rebels MC #4
Author: River Savage

Release Date:
October 20th
Pre-Order Links:
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You know when there is major hype for a book, then you get it, start reading and think “meh”?
Don’t worry, thats not the case here 😉

I have been a stalker, I mean major fan of River’s since she sent me an arc of Incandescent back in August, 2014 and left me falling head over heels for Nix.

With every release I watch as River freaks out that maybe “this one” people wont like.
I laugh every single time the freak out begins, because before I even open the book, I know what I am in for. I mean this is The River motherfuckin’ Savage!

Steaming H.O.T alpha biker and a strong as fuck heroine who not only can bring her man to his knees, but make him a better verson of himself.
Not to mention panty-soaking primal sex that River Always delivers on. 😉

And Infatuation is no different from the rest in that aspect.

Being a survivor of domestic abuse, I hold this book close to my heart.
River doesn’t just write to give you entertainment and get you hot and bothered. She tackles the cold, ugly bitterness that this world has lurking in the dark and shows you that even underneath all that grittiness, there is a light at the end.

There is some real skin crawling, heart wrenching moments among the lust, love and dirty talking and like always, River has done an incredible job. Seriously woman, you are fucking  beyond amazing!

The timing may have been all wrong once, but you cant fight your soul mate.

Beau has popped up here and there throughout the series, and honestly, I didn’t think I would love him like I do. (Sorry Mandie, you have to share :p)

Beau, the dominant, strong, sexy and silent VP of the Knights Rebels who has made it his goal to help every woman he can to get out of a domestic abusive relationship. Along with his Knights brothers, he takes it upon himself to get them set up somewhere where they are able to have a fresh start.

When Mackenzie Morre walked into Beau’s life, there was a spark. A deep, instant soul- touching connection, a need to keep her safe at all costs. But the timing wasn’t right.
Kenzie needed an escape from her husband, the Major’s cowardly son Chad, Beau and Sy got her the medical treatment she needed and to a place where she was safe to start again.

Or so he though.

18 months have passed and one look at her brings that connection crashing back. Kenzie needs Beau’s and the clubs protection after fleeing for the second time from her ex, Chad.
Determined to protect her, Beau has her on lock down within the club while searching for Chad who has been reported as missing. However, keeping her so close is proving to be a hard task when their feelings start to surface.

As the weeks pass Kenzie finds it harder to hide that she wants Beau. She knows she shouldn’t. With too many secrets and too much danger to her, Beau and the club, she decides its time to leave the club house and find an apartment.

With the threat of Chad still out there Beau won’t have it. Needing to protect her, to have her near, he offers her a room at his home. A place she will have some space of her and a bit more freedom.
How will these two pull of sharing a house when the sparks are flying, igniting everything around them?

Easy, they don’t.

The chemistry and banter between these two are insane! The love that grows with each page turn is so evident. And when these two collide, be ready for the rough, primal and passionate explosion that takes it to a whole new level.

The more time passes, the deeper they fall. The further Kenzie get into the family and the more the guilt eats as her.
Kenzie is hiding something. Something big. Bigger than what Beau is hiding beneath his pants 😉

When the secret comes out, it puts more than just Kenzie in danger. It puts the Knights Rebels in the firing line once again. How far will Beau go to keep his girl safe and do right by his club, his family?

You will just have to wait and see 🙂

Like all the other stories, I Flove that we get major news with the others. I’ve missed everyone (especially my hubs, Nix) and finally get to know Kelly a bit more.

You will cry, laugh, roll your eyes at the men and their over protectiveness and need a change of panties. But hey, that’s what you get when you open anything from River!

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*


Knights Rebels #4, Infatuation
Available October 20th.
B&N / Kobo / iBooks
 Lil Maso Beaus
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