★ Review ☆ Jameson: Brothers Ink #1 by Nicole James


Brothers Ink #1

by Nicole James

When I first read about the ORourke brothers I was hoping they would get their own series, four brothers who work’s in a tattoo shop named Brother Ink, yep I want to read that.

Jameson is a bossy, rude insufferable man, the best person to pair him with is a girl who won’t take his shit.

Jameson and Ava both had a similar upbringing, they are the older sibling who had to step in and take care of their younger siblings.  The respect the brothers have for Jameson because he worked hard to make sure they weren’t split up after their parent death is admirable.

I loved his straightforward persona he’s bossy, hot-tempered, hot-headed intimidating, stubborn and gorgeous with an Irish temper. He likes things his way or the highway, he likes to be in control

Self-described as I’m Irish with a temper I wished Ava was more feisty when she was dealing with Jameson, I felt she wimped out a lot  when it came to going head to head with him.  I loved the first instalment of this series and can’t wait to dive into the rest of the brother’s story.

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