★ Review ☆ Kaden: The Recherche Series #2 by Brit Lauren aka L.P Lovell


The Recherche Series #2
by Brit Lauren aka L.P Lovell


Kaden has a golden opportunity land in his lap, he’s offered a business card by Thor, owner of ‘Recherche’ an escort service. 

‘I can make you more money than you can possibly dream of kid’

Thor is introduced in the first book (which I have not read yet but that will be rectified) He’s THE male escort reputation is unrivalled and well deserved, I must meet this Thor. 

Kaden gets paid thousands to fuck high-end clients. 

One of his client Melanie is going to be his Achilles heels, she sets the tone for their encounter, she dominates, she only fucks the way she wants and he’s nothing to her but a paid service. 

I love to see a strong woman in charge of her sexual needs, this woman wants to teach him things.  

My fave character is Cora, she intrigues me. She’s one of those characters that you want to get to know.  I love the dynamic between her and Maddox there is definitely a story there. 

The Cora, Ashley, and Kaden fuck fest was so erotic and one of the hottest fuck scenes I have ever read, who knew a Female/Female scene with the male participant only jerking off was sexually arousing. Just when you thought nothing is going to get hotter than that, you read the scene where Kaden dominates Melanie and  takes her the way he wants,  her submitting to him what a huge turn on. 

I liked how this book ends there was no meeting of a girl who’s going to change his whore ways.  

My name is Kaden Ryan , and I’ll fuck

you into next week … for a fee of course.   

Xavier is next and I must meet him too. 

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