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Layers of Her

by Prescott Lane 

I had a good book friend recommend this to me. 

“You need to read this it’s amazing, but don’t fall for Stone because he’s mine.”

(Yes, it was Lil Maso lol) So of course I had to met this Stone.

How could I not fall for Stone, he’s a single father of a deaf daughter and he teaches self defense for women, he’s all about empowering women.
Who wouldn’t want that?
Campbell is one of his student and he’s very protective of her, he knows she has issues but he’s not going to let that stop him from getting to know her.

I loved this book Stone is so swoon worthy the way he loves his daughter and how he comes to love and take care of Campbell.  
Campbell is great for Stone and his daughter Tate.  
The one words I can come up with about Stone and Campbell is they belong together!!!
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