★ Review ☆ Lev: A Shot Callers Novel by Belle Aurora

Title: Lev: A Shot Callers Novel
Author: Belle Aurora

Mina has been homeless for years after running away from a foster home after she fell in love with her foster brother.  Desperate and starving she steals a wallet for food and mets Lev.
Lev has a condition that he doesn’t think like normal people, his mother hated him but his family which consist of his father, brother and sister are a great family unit.
I love the closeness of the siblings they have each other backs and would hurt anyone who would ever think of hurting one of them.
Mina falls for Lev how could she not he saved her.

“Why are you helping me, You look like you need the help”


Lev is swoon worthy who wouldn’t fall in love with him.
Lev has fallen for Mina too he affectionally calls her mouse. He’s  her protector and would never  let anyone hurt her.
This is an amazing read I went through it so quick it is that good.
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