★ Review ☆ Lock & Key by Cat Porter



Lock & Key
by Cat Porter

When I saw the cover of Iron and Bone I was stopped in my tracks. Yes I’m a cover whore and I like to look at pretty things, I’m shallow like that. 
I clicked on the book links and find this amazing series unfortunately I couldn’t read the hot cover book yet as it is the third book in the series.  
I gushed so much about this hot cover on my book club page that I had a lot of the other girl one clicking also and loving the series as well.
So I stared with Lock and Key and I seriously was not disappointed. 
This is an amazing beginning to a great series.  Dig, Lock and Grace whom the book is centered around are worthy characters of having a story about them.  
This will make you crave more, but it will bring you closer to the hot cover of Iron and Bone.  One book down, one more to go and you will arrive at Iron and Bone. The cover that started my obsession. 
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