★ Review ☆ Low by Mary Elizabeth


by Mary Elizabeth
Rating: 3.5 Stars 

I’ve never read a story about bank robbery very original idea and I was interested in how it would play out.

Their devotion, their love, their need for each other. Through it all good or bad, they have each others back.

Strong female character who waited for her man to get out of jail and constantly berates him when he’s telling her to leave him and get a better life.  She’s loves him like no other, he makes her feel loved and wanted and Poe is the only girl he has ever loved. 

When life’s a constant struggle and there is no end to it, it makes you do desperate and stupid things. Low has guilt that this is their life and why is he bringing the only girl he has ever loved into it. 

Poe is so loyal to him and their life together she is willing to risk it all as long as they are together.  They can not stand to be without each other.

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