★ Review ☆ Luca: I love the way you lie #1 by Gina Whitney

First, I want to say that I have had a very hard time trying to articulate my thoughts about this book.

My rating is 2.5 Stars. I keep wanting to give it a true 3 stars, but this book falls flat for me. With so much hype, I was excited and thrilled to read this. I dropped everything I was doing and started right away.
Allison, a broken girl, who suffered so much at such a young age and ends up in a Rehabilitation Center.
There she comes into contact with two handsome screwed up men who are utterly gorgeous, a little crazy, and both of them want her.
Luca and Oliver. And my favorite was Oliver.
Luca is a pyromaniac who instantly falls in love with Allison. And I mean like instantly.
He is an asshole, through and through.
Honestly, I loved him in the first like…… 15% of the book.
He’s mysterious.
He’s dangerous.
He’s a ninja of the night in a ways.
He’s protective….
He is chaos.
But then the rest of the book I’m just screaming at it for Oliver to just be more insistent….
I understand the pissing contest between the two men, but the 7 year long gap was…….. Way too long.
I particularly didn’t care for Allison for that matter the rest of the book.
I love a good strong, independent, will kick your ass if you look at her sideways kind of Heroine. The weak ones piss me off, and Allison never showed me that she turned into a strong woman.
I love the idea of the company she works her ass off for, but even then her friend had bigger balls than her. I find it a bit farfetched that she herself turns out to be a counselor, when in all honesty, she needed a lot more time with “Just Jane.”
This book left me pissed off. And I think it was Allison that pissed me off the most.
Oliver was my favorite character of the book, and there is one particular scene I wish he would’ve knocked Luca the fuck out, but he took the high road.
He is Allisons Rock God. Her sexy ass Viking of a man.
He is the only reason this story held my attention.
Having said all of this… The story idea as a whole I loved, but I found it to be very…. flat.. Lacking….
And overall…. Will I want to read book 2? Yes, I’ll probably read it so I can see where the road takes Allison, Oliver and Luca….. Hoping for the latter.
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