★ Review ☆ Mad Dog Days Vol 1-3 by Ren Monterrey


Title: Mad Dog Days
Part: 1, 2 & 3
by Ren Monterrey

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Mad Dog Days #3 –  Amazon : US | UK | AU | CA

Mad Dog (part 1)

Quick short read but the pace is good.  Knowing who is Mad Dog is makes this series interesting.  How are Cali and Rocky going to start and maintain a relationship with her new job in The Club.

Mad Dog (part 2)

An even shorter read Cali has found herself in trouble, Mad Dog is an asshole who thrives on making money lots of money and he doesn’t care how he gets it.
He has sold her to the highest bidder taking 3 guys up the ass. Lucky for her Rocky was able to save her.

Mad Dog (part 3)

Trouble coming, what an asshole Mad Dog paying her $6000 a month for her service but making several thousands dollars off of her and threatening her that she will never leave him ever.  Whet an asshole.  The only good thing about this book is Rocky and Cali and Rocky’s cousin Cole.

I thought with the title of this series that Mad Dog was going to be an interesting character
but no the guy is a total asshole, why you would name your series after this guy. If you’re giving him the title make him interesting and worthy.
Have to say I did not enjoy these books at all.  I liked Rocky, Cali and Cole and that’s it.

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Mad Dog Days #1 –  Amazon : US | UK | AU | CA

Mad Dog Days #2 –  Amazon : US | UK | AU | CA

Mad Dog Days #3 –  Amazon : US | UK | AU | CA

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