★ Review ☆ Making Choices: Black Shamrocks MC Book 2 by Kylie Hillman


Title: Making Choices
Series: Black Shamrocks MC Book 2
Author: Kylie Hillman

I read the first book to this series and enjoyed it and was looking forward to the continuing saga to this series. I do believe you need to read the first as not to get lost during this book.
I was not disappointed, this story is an elevated step up to the first.
Timber is your typical biker loyal to his club and Juliette the complete opposite prim and proper and loyal to her stuck up family.
I started to hate Juliette her stuck up attitude thinking she’s better than Timber’s family of bikers.  She showed loyalty to a family who could give two shits about her, thankfully she wises up and realize that Timber had a better family dynamics then she grew up with.
Maddie and Mik are featured as well who were in the forefront in the first book which I highly recommend you read. (Another great read FYI)
Club dramas, hot as fuck sex scenes and plenty of girl dramas (of course snobby Juliette and Princess Maddie are going to clash) 
Juliette with a stick up her ass and Maddie having no problem telling how she feels about her.
A great read look forward to the next part to this series and checking out her other books. 
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