★ Review ☆ Nitro’s Torment by Nina Levine

Nitro's Torment: Sydney Storm MC by [Levine, Nina]


Nitro’s Torment
by Nina Levine

When I read the first book in the Sydney chapter ‘Relent’, I didn’t connect to the story like I did the Brisbane chapter. This story, however, is different, it’s darker, gritty and more violent. Nitro’s a bad ass motherfucker and he’s very loyal to his club and family. Tatum is perfectly matched to Nitro.

when being told not to say another word by Nitro. . . .

‘It will be my absolute pleasure to never saying another fucking word to you full stop’

You know this is a girl is not going to take his shit laying down,  she challenges him in the best way.  Both have had tormented upbringings and it what draws them to each other, it’s not an easy road for both but it worth it. They are each other light in the dark. I can say Nitro and Tatum are my favourite couple.

This is another awesome addition to the Storm series and I’m looking forward to the other players in the series especially King and Monroe.

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Phyl Evie
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