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Obsession. 69pg ebook


Janie, gorgeous blonde who’s had her heart torn to pieces by a drug using, party hard, lead singer of a band, god, who happens to now be her ex-husband, Cole. After a brief encounter at a mutual friend’s funeral, Cole decides it’s time to win back what he’s lost, his muse, his Janie girl. 
Cole has been clean and sober for 6 years and now he needs his girl back. 
In a bold move, Cole seeks out Janie, after a steamy kiss to leave any woman’s knees weak, Janie agree’s to a dinner with him, a dinner that takes place after the incredible sex. 
In a crazy whirlwind of sex and sex and more sex, these two rediscover each other and old love is once again burning bright.
Cole has his muse back and life is sailing by perfectly, Janie is letting her guard down, opening up and really letting herself love and be with him, but she doesn’t trust him fully and when she see’s some familiar drug activity at a party for the band, Janie runs, leaving Cole with no explanation  and a broken heart once again. 
Will this time be forever? Or will these two have the HEA everyone deserves?
Grab a copy to find out 

I’ve read a few of Eden’s work and loved them, so was super excited for this story, but was a little letdown. 

I think there was too much sex. Yes, you heard me, too much sex – or maybe just not enough back story, yes that’s a better way to put it 🙂
In saying that, it’s still a good story that touches on some real issues, which is why I give this one a 3.5 rating. 
I would have loved to have had more of a story for these two, I mean can someone really fully trust someone on sex alone? 

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