★ Review ☆ Off Limits: A Stepbrother MMA Romance by Callie Harper

Off Limits
A Stepbrother MMA Romance
by Callie Harper

When you put MMA and stepbrother together you have piqued my interest.

I expect taboo and hot melting lusting sex.

He’s a 21 year old rich kid rebellion who’s fucking his way around town.

She’s a book smart, yoga wearing good girl who is different from any of the other girls he has met.

They are both trying so hard not to become their parents.
She refers to him as a spoiled little daddy’s  boy.

He calls her an uptight repressed little bitch.

But he lusts after her, calling them a mismatched magnet.  She drawn to him but repelled at the same.

You know they are going to eventually hook up so you wait patiently through the sexual tension, the shameless flirting and finally a game of poker.  It becomes their thing playing poker truth or dare style trying to get to know each better.

They end up fucking everywhere and I mean everywhere, when they get caught they are made to feel ashamed and disgusted.  They try to find their  way back to each other and hopefully find their HEA.



Available December 14th

Amazon: US | UK | AU | CA


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