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On The Dotted Line by Kim Carmichael. DNF 40%


I was so stoked when this book came out.
The story has so much promise, its such a shame I couldn’t get into it.

Randolph may be rich, but to keep his entire fortune, his family’s banking empire he must be married by his thirty-third birthday and stay married for one year or he loses it all.


When his fiancée leaves him on the steps with only a few hours left on the clock, Randolph is forced to admit defeat.

Willow has struggled her whole life, everything she has she’s worked hard for.

Now with her store and her home now on the line, Randolph’s proposition is too good to turn away.

Now, this could have been a great story, but it never picked up for me.
Randolph and Willow both….  Irritating. Wishy-washy.

This story jumps back and forth far too much. At times i wondered if I had accidentally skipped a few pages. I didn’t.

The plot was weak at best and wasn’t executed.
However, I only made it to 40% before the boredom won and I scratched this as a DNF.
(2 weeks and 4 attempts later.)


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