★ Review ☆ One Night: Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas

 “Because something as beautiful as this should be savoured, not rushed.”


I will admit, I was a little unsure how I would feel starting One Night: Promised.

I mean how can you follow up on such an epic story like Jesse and Ava’s?

Well lovelies, I am here to tell you Jodi Ellen Malpas has done just that!

While Jesse will always be The Man for me, Miller isn’t too far behind. I  mean I could totally see Miller at The Manor

Olivia, Livy has locked up her heart and is solely existing, taking care of her grandmother is her biggest excuse to hide away and shield herself from her fears of becoming like her mother.

She doesn’t go out, she doesn’t drink and she certainly doesn’t get involved with men….

Until Miller.

“His piercing blue eyes burning into me. Deep, deep into  me. My gaze drifts and takes in his open suit jacket, a waistcoat and pale blue shirt and tie, his dark stubbled jaw, and the way his lips are parted just so. Then I find those eyes again.” 

This cocky, and mysterious yet deliciously gorgeous perfection of a man blows in and lands under Livy’s skin immediately, leaving her mesmerized from the second he opens his mouth.

But Miller is your typical gentleman, he has his own whirlwind of issues, and one is now Livy.

“I need to force myself to stay away from you.” 

Miller can’t seem to stay away from her, even knowing that he needs to, that she deserves more than just ” the best fuck of her life.”

Livy is confused by the gorgeous irritating man and the feelings he draws out in her, she knows nothing of him, yet he is beginning to change her life with one single proposition.

“All I can offer you is one night….You get to be worshiped by me for twenty-four hours.”

No commitments, just this cocky, sex-oozing man worshiping her for an entire night, seriously, who’s not going to take that?

Miller surrounds Livy with everything she never believed in, a man who adores her, is tender, gentle. But also one who is incredibly moody closed off and secretive. Nevertheless, he has changed her world, he has made her feel.

“He’s made me reckless and irrational. He may make me feel alive, but he makes me feel lifeless just a quickly.”

It is not at all one-sided, Livy has most defiantly crashed through Miller’s perfectly organized world, awakening something inside him he didn’t know he possessed.

The constant push and pull these two have is electrifying, it’s more than just a sexual obsession with each other.

“I’m a man who’s found a beautiful, sweet girl who gives me more pleasure than I ever thought possible.” 

There’s love, unimaginable hot sex, funny banter, a quirky Nan that makes you laugh, cry and want to tell her to but-out. The gay bestie who’s feisty as hell and the annoying work friend. But it also has growth, and heartbreaking moments, JEM blended my heart a few times in her This man series, and she’s done it again with One Night.

I urge you all to go grab a copy of this book, you will not be disappointed.

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