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डोन्त् लोक् बच्क् इन् अन्गेर्
“Don’t look back in anger.”


Have you got this yet? No?
Seriously, go grab it, the links are Here I’ll wait for you….
Got it? Good, I didnt want you to miss out on a amazeballs story!

So, I finished this story like 2 days ago and I have attempted this review countless time so far (seriously, 28 revisions!), but have found myself getting so lost with Tick and Darby all over again that I was giving away the entire story. So lets try again. And again and again.

There are some good books around, some really epic ones, and then there is Only Trick.  

Only Tick is not like every other book that out there at the moment, and that is a Great thing. Its new, refreshing and so damn heart melting, panty singeing, swoon worthy, and with raw emotions, real love with every single page turn.
You have comedy, mystery, angst, suspense, and lets not forget the steamy sexiness.
I can say without a doubt, Only Trick is by far one of the best books I have read in the longest time.

I mean I found my newest #BookHusband (So much more then just a book-boyfriend.)

Poor Jewel E Ann, I fangirled pretty bad on her haha, I’m sorry lovely! <3

This is my first Jewel E. Ann experience, I knew nothing of her or any of her previous books, but signed up for the arc after I read the blurb.
It  captured my attention and I just had to know Patrick Roth’s Story.

On a quick side note. The secondary characters are fucking amazing!
Nana and Grady are priceless! I think they all need their own book,  which part of Trick in them 😉

Okay, back to Trick and Darby.

Darby Carmichael has it all. She has the looks, the money and the brains, but she has never really fit in.

Losing her mother before she could ever know her, Darby grew up with a distant father and a very loving and hilarious grandmother (f’love nana), and even with all the money from her fathers new wife, popularity is one thing she doesn’t have.

With no real friends to speak of, Darby throws herself into her true passion, working in the E.R as a Physician’s Assistant. The buzz of the E.R is something she loves. Craves.

When Patrick “Trick” Roth, the squirrelest squirrel (a “hot-ass guy”), comes into her E.R with a nasty cut and in need of stitches, Darby is rendered speechless by the sight.

“Dark, that’s the word. Dark hair strategically styled in at lease a dozen conflicting directions. Dark brows and lashes, dark stubble, and hazel eyes pinning me with a piercing dark look.”

As fate would have it, Darby needs her hair done for her fathers election dinner and lands right back in Tricks path when her friend and hair stylus sends her to the top make-up artist. who just happens to be gay.

“His sex appeal isn’t just distracting, it’s unnerving; a fitted white T-shirt exposes his toned arms and yes … tattoos. God, I love those tattoos.”

Gay or not, Darby’s attraction to him is off the charts and when she gets stranded on her way back from the dinner with a flat tyre she never dreamed she would land in front of Trick’s place or that he would help her home.  After a ride home from hell where Darby is faced with his rude, cold, “fuck off” attitude, she refuses to be the doormat she’s always been, leaving him with a nice big

“Have a nice life, asshole!”

Trick isn’t one to shy away from speaking his mind either.
From homeless to parent-less by the age of 15 years old, Trick has learnt to survive.
After an accident leaves him with amnesia, missing 5 years of his life, he has hardened. He has a lot of trust issues and a serious aversion to woman. Under the cover of being gay, he manages to stay detached from … well everyone, beside his “boyfriend” Grady and Grady’s sister Tamsen, who have become his entire family. Its just how he wants it.

Trick fears his missing years.

So when Darby gets under his skin after he drops her off at home, he intends to put her in his place but ends up making a huge mistake, one he almost instantly regrets.

“I’m not an asshole. I just don’t like rich-bitch women who think they can strut their whore asses around and own me because they have a bigger bank account. I offered you a ride … Period. So stop trying to buddy up to me. You don’t have anything I fucking want. Got it?”

And then the fun begins 😉

Trick needs to show her he isn’t the asshole, and as much as Darby wants to be angry with him, she can’t help but want him. She craves something she hasn’t had, a BFF.
Their friendship comes out of nowhere and takes off like a rocket, honestly, we all want that gay BFF? Overnight snuggles, hilarious texts filled with emoji that Trick hates, and some very hot and steamy shower-watching on Darby’s side.

The only problem is, Darby wants more from her gay BFF, her feelings for him take a interesting turn when jealousy mixed with alcohol and confusion rear up.

“You gave me the thing I thought I wanted most in life.” Biting together my quivering lip, I taste my salty emotions. “But then you changed everything … and I-I can’t breathe when I’m with you…” sniffing, I suck in a shaky breath
“… and I can’t think without you.”

What will Trick do?
Will Trick’s past come back?
Will it bring them closer together or rip them apart?
Want to know what steamy, heart wrenching things happen next?

Go Buy it Now! 


Available  now on Amazon: USUK and iBooks


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