★ Review ☆ Pandemonium: MC Sinners Next Generation #1 by Bella Jewel

MC Sinners Next Generation #1
by Bella Jewel 

I had high expectations for this book as its a fave MC series of mine and I was craving more MC Sinner and was happy the children of the next generation were carrying on the stories.

I have to say I was disappointed it’s not the gritty and dirty story I have grown to love from Bella.

Tragedy hits Ava and Lucas now they both  have to find a way to deal with the aftermath.

You get drama and hot sex scenes which is expected but I found it really hard to get into it and the interesting parts came at the end.
I did however like the relationship between Jackson and Ava the fact that she worships her old man and the close relationship they have.

I also enjoyed the relationship between Ava and Lucas he was very swoon worthy.

‘My girls on the ground and I’m the only she needs, move or I will make you’.

I thought their dynamic made this a good read.
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