★ Review ☆ Play Dirty #1 by Jessie K (DNF 39%)

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Play Dirty #1 by Jessie K. DNF 39%


I have been hearing so much hype about this book, so when I was offered the ARC, I jumped on. I mean, so many love it, I Had to read it.
Sadly this one just wasn’t for me.

I don’t even know where do I start without sounding like a complete bitch, so I’m keeping it simple.

Within the first chapter I was sitting there rolling my eyes to the point I was worried they would roll right out of my head and kept checking how much longer to go.
In the short amount of what I read, the story lacked that spark that sucks me in and keeps me hanging for more.

The premise of this story could have been epic, but for me, it fell on deaf ears (or maybe its blind eyes for reading?)
Matthew and Lynn were flat, predicable and quiet the bore. I felt no connection to them and honestly just wanted it over. By 39% I just couldn’t do it anymore. I had to stop. I mean after 4 attempts, you just gotta leave it be.

*Evie has also marked this as DNF*
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