★ Review ☆ Profile, Social Media #5 by JA Huss

I have loved this series (And Vaughn) from the first page of Follow, and here I am on the second last book, even more in love with Vaughn and Grace, and in total fangirl mode with Julie!
I seriously can not praise this book (or series) enough, and the star ratings are far from being adequate. I have laughed, swooned, wanted to smack Grace out a time or two while running off with Vaughn lol and I’ve fallen head over heels and bawled my eyes out with for these people JA has shared with us.
Alright, this is going to be a short review because no matter how I try, after 3 tries, I kept giving a million Huge spoilers, and well, no one wants that.
This is about survival, This is Grace’s story.
We are thrown head first into Grace’s past, the nightmare of everything that happened to her as a teen has just started again, thedeluded psycho is back for “his wife“.
The utter heartache, fear and desperation, the strength and determination that Grace shows, is …. Heart wrenching and pours off the pages. She knows that this is it, it is him or her. It’s that simple. He is never going to let her go a second time, she needs to fight, she needs to use all the knowledge she has from the last time he held her prisoner. She’s not his weak Daisy any longer, shes Grace, Bad Ass Princess.
“He took away all my choices. He took away all my freedom. But he can’t make me want to live. So I choose to die.”

Vaughn wakes to find his love is gone, he Knows something is wrong, he knows that sick freak has her, and he can not give up.

When everyone stops trying to find her, Vaughn digs deeper. He knows she is alive. He can feel it, and he will not stop until he has her back in his arms.

“There’s no possible way I won’t find you. Our hearts are tethered by love & fate. I’m tugging on that string – feel me? #OnMyWay #Soulmates”

 #VaughnAsherIsNotADick #GraceBadAssPrincess #NeedHomeNow #HussOholic #IWantToMarryYourBrainAndAsher 😉

Social Media Series;
#1, Follow – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
#2, Like – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
#3, Block – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
#4, Status – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
#5, Profile – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
#6, Home – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
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