★ Review ☆ Reckless part 1 by Alice Ward

Rating: 3.5 Kinky Heels
First, I feel I *Must address the cover and the genre this is being labeled. A cover draws a person in.  Yes, I hear you all, “Never judge a book by its cover” but lets face it, we all do, and this cover is all wrong (and in a way, right) for the book, let me explain.
This is meant to be an erotic serial, i quote, “The Hottest Erotic Romance Of The Year” it’s Not, I would put it more in the category of contemporary romance, which is Exactly what this cover says. 
and well then we have the two on the cover, they are certainly Not anything like the description of Jace and Andy. Jace, the laid back, down to earth Rock God in a suit? Uhh no. It doesn’t fit in the story in any way.  
In all honesty, it looks like the cover has been slapped together with no real thought.
I will show at the bottom who I have envisioned from the get go, something I feel fits this story and the characters.
Now, don’t get me wrong, the story is Great, but I really needed to address My issue with this as it was all misleading and mixed message, which is why I feel I couldn’t give a higher rating. 
Okay, now the story! 
Andrea, aka Andy is a little bit of a stubborn, over the top, control freak. She and her fiancé, Sean, have everything planned out. The house with the white picket fence and the kiddies in toe. After her career in Journalism, of course. But things aren’t as perfect as their plans, things are a miss with these two, regardless of the love. 
When Andy is pulled off her political column for the campus paper and handed an assignment, to attend and write about Reckless, the rock band playing on campus, she is less than thrilled, and after a rather rude chance encounter with the delicious lead singer, Andy is dreading it even more.
Jace Richardson, the sex on legs Rock God comes across as the cocky, tattooed heart breaker. Your typical rockstar with a flock of groupies hanging off his every word. And that may be the case, but there is more to Jace. 
After popping her concert cherry, the chemistry between these two are off the charts, until the mention of then fiancé that is. 
Finding Andy in a dangerous situation, Jace comes to her rescue and takes her home, his home. 
With a now jealous and freaked out fiancé, Andy is left feeling all kinds of emotions.
lust, need, guilt ….
The more time she spends with Jace, the more she wants to know, the more she can not stop thinking about him. But the guilt is eating away at her, she loves Sean and isn’t ready to throw away 5 years over an infatuation. But that doesn’t stop her from craving the sexy rocker who is proving to be more of a gentleman with a cocky attitude then a douche. 
Ok, I know you all are wanting to know, how’s the sex, Right? Well there is none, yep, None!
I know,  that’s like handing you a bag of m&m’s that are empty! 
We have one kind of steamy phone sex moment and a kiss …. Hence my comment above of this doesn’t sit as erotica for me. 
Will I stick around for part 2? Yes, these two have a sweet thing blossoming and I’d like to see where the author takes them in the remanding 4 parts, hopefully somewhere steamy 😉
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also available in the Complete Reckless boxset 1-5 on Amazon

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