★ Review ☆ Repentance: The Story of Kace Haywood by Meghan Quinn

Title: Repentance: The Story of Kace Haywood
Author: Meghan Quinn

Kace Hayword . . . .

He is my favourite character in the Bourbon series, everyone wanted to be a Jett girl I wanted to be Kace’s girl.  If you haven’t read that series get on it.

Kace is till struggling with his demons worst part he is not even willing to try.  He hooks up with Lyla because there is an attraction there but being a stubborn headed mule he refuses to acknowledge that he has feelings for her so he keeps her at arms length.

There is so much about this book I love, Kace and Jett brotherly love, the way Kace is with Goldie.  But I wish he would get the stick out of his ass and find a way to live and move on.

Wasn’t a fan of Jett in the Bourdon series, I actually wanted Goldie to hook up with Kace but in this story I loved him. He cares about Kace and was not willing to let him keeping killing himself over a drunken mistake.  Goldie was friggen hilarious in this story absolutely loved her.

“Say it, Jett say I have a bigger dick than you”

And to Kace your my employer, Kace to Goldie how do you figure that.

Jett owns this business I own Jett. Told you hilarious.

Lyla is the right women for Kace she doesn’t put up with his shit, she was so good in this book.

My favourite Kace scene will have to be the hot dog scene with Madeleine.

Don’t know who she is, then read this book and find out.

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