★ Review ☆ Ruin, Songs of Corruption #2 by CD Reiss

“I’m going to fuck you easy and slow, until your bones turn into jelly. and you forget how to beg me.”

CD Reiss doesn’t give simple book hangovers, she completely turns your world upside down while dragging you along for a wild ride, this time of passion, betrayal, corruption, violence, revenge and of course, love. I knew this story was going to be intense from start, but I never expected it to take me where it did.

This review is one of the hardest ones that I have written, and after 2 days and hours of sitting here trying to put this book into words, this is the best I’ve got, without giving away all the good bits and spoiling it for you all.

Ruin picks up right where Spin left off with Theresa hauled up in hiding with Antonio.If you haven’t read Spin, stop reading this and go grab it now! (Amazon / B&N / Kobo / iBooks)

“Let me introduce you to my mob. This is my Neapolitan camorra. These are my rituals. My sold souls. My men of honer. This is my Los Angeles.”

Antonio, the violent, ruthless, sweet and passionate Capo who has lost his heart to Theresa and wants nothing more than to protect her and give her the life she deserves. But to do that, he needs to get out, and once does not simply get out of the Mafia. Alive.

With the betrayal of his former partner, Paulie, Theresa has never been in more danger, and Antonio has never been as fearful of losing her, making him even more determined to keep his Contessa away from that side of his life, but she has other ideas.

“She was my hope, that woman, standing so straight as she crossed the street. She could rule the world. She already ruled me.”

Theresa, the strong and resilience woman who is more calculating and has a harder exterior than Capo gives her credit for, is learning where her true place is, beside her Capo. She has broken through her old life and is trying to merge herself into his, taking it upon herself to try and help free himself from his duties in the Mob, but her lack of understanding all the rules they play by leave her more recklessness than helpful.

“She was going to be the death of me, and I was suicidal. I would kill for her, or I’d be killed by her.”


Between the lies, hatred, scheming and murder, these two come to realize their love for each other is otherworldly, something neither one is willing to give up. It’s raw, passionate and animalistic, it knows no limits. Yet it’s so sweet, protective, and breathtaking.

“I am yours, Contessa. Solo tua. Forever. Everything I do with you is forever.”

Can their love survive everything the Mafia throws their way?

“You are my only, my one and only. And if I have to turn my life upside down, or go to hell to be with you, so be it.”

You will need to read it for yourself to see 😉

We get to see the world through both Antonio and Theresa’s eye, the straggles, heartache, happiness and raw passion they both share, and try to hide from one another.

I laughed, cried, laughed some more, cried, was grossed out, laughed again and then came the painful ugly cry.

I am dying for book 3 to come out, but I will admit, I’m curious as to how CDR is going to top perfection.

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